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Creative Golf Christmas Gifts for the Golfer in Your Family

In 2019, about 108 million Americans participated in some sort of golfing activity, whether they watched, played, or read about it. This statistic proves that this sport serves as a favorite American pastime.

People who love the game tend to make it a major part of their life. With Christmas approaching, this makes gift buying a no brainer for the golfer in your life.

Read on for 15 creative golf Christmas gift ideas!

Affordable Golf Gifts

Golfing requires a number of items, some of which players run through quickly. Whether you want to grab something little for a coworker or stuff a loved one's stocking up with inexpensive gifts, golf accessories make an excellent choice!

Golfing Tees

Golfers constantly blow through tees both at the driving range and on their favorite course. This makes these an excellent gift.

Some of the best performance golf tees include:

  • Zero Friction Three-Prong Tees
  • Callaway Performance Tees
  • CHAMP Zarma FLYtee
  • Martini Plastic Tee

Depending on the golfer's personality, you can go with plain white or opt for wild colors. You can also find sites that personalize golf tees with names for an extra special gesture.

Golf Balls

Most of a golfer's focus lands on the ball. They will run through many of these during regular play and at the driving range.

For an amateur golfer, a pack of TaylorMade Project (a) balls will suit them well. Every golfer will love a pack of Titleist Tour Soft. For the best value ball, get them the Callaway Warbird.

If they spend a ton of time losing balls at the range, you can buy any cheapo pack of colored balls to thrill them. Like tees, balls come in a wide variety of colors and can also be customized to make the gift more personal.

Golf Book

You can find a good read for any golfer without breaking the bank. A beginner golfer may enjoy a how-to book on the fundamentals, while somebody into the players may love a biography on one of the sports' greatest. 

Golf Towels

Golf towels make another nice stocking stuffer. Golfers use them to dry their clubs, golf balls, and sweaty palms to maximize performance. You should definitely consider customizing these as they can wash and reuse them until they wear out.

Water Bottle

Golfers walk long distances, often in warm temperatures. This makes dehydration a real threat.

A water bottle makes for a thoughtful and useful gift for the golfer in your life. Find a large, stainless steel bottle to keep them hydrated for all 18 holes.


Clubs tend to clash around in the bag. This can ruin the head of very expensive sportswear.

To prevent this, golfers use headcovers over their clubs. You can get cute and creative with these golf accessories for a thoughtful and personalized gift.

Apparel Gifts

While golfing, people must meet a dress code. They should dress for comfort, style, and etiquette. Golf apparel makes an excellent gift. 

Golf Shoes

Golfers need a good shoe. Not only do they spend a lot of time on their feet, but during the swing, they need something that will keep them balanced while offering flexibility.

For the best, buy them Nike Air Max 1 G. Another good option for comfort and style is Puma Ignite Pwrsport.

Golf Shirt

While golfers can wear Polo, the double-stitched collar on golf shirts keep it flat and out of their view when looking down to the ball. Golfing shirts also contain a pocket on the breast to carry a scorecard. When choosing a shirt, gift them one made with performance fibers to keep them dry and comfortable during the game.


Men should always wear neutral-colored pants when golfing. Good materials include khaki, cotton, and linen.

Women golfers typically wear capris, a golf skirt, or culottes. While shopping, keep in mind that tight or revealing clothing is not appropriate for the course and neither sex should golf in jeans.

Golf Gloves

You can find cheap golf gloves for a little secret Santa gift, but these can get pricey. Still, golf gloves sit on the lower price range for golf gifts.

Golf Hat or Visor

The sun beats down unforgivingly on an open golf course. This poses a risk for a sunburned face and creates a distraction. A nice athletic visor or golf hat will keep the sun out of their eyes and off their skin.

Hole in One Golf Gifts

This sport can get expensive, but you cannot put a price on the passion of an avid golfer. Show your favorite golfer how much you care with one of these awesome gifts.

Golf Bag

Every golfer needs a bag to carry around their game equipment. The bag should fit all of their accessories and feel comfortable to carry. While they cannot get too bold with their dress on the course, they can express a little personality with a colorful golf bag.


A golfer can carry up to 14 clubs in their bag. They need a driver, a putter, irons, and wedges.

Listen for cues on a club that they need for their collection. Any golfer will go crazy over getting a good club for Christmas!

Caddy Service

If you know your loved one has a big golf tournament approaching, buying them a caddy service will send them over the moon with excitement. Hiring a caddy will save vital energy for the game with somebody helping them with all of the nuances. Plus, this will definitely impress their peers.


For the ultimate golfing gift, purchase a club membership. This is actually something the entire family can enjoy.

Club membership comes with special access to the facility, exclusive events, and member activities. A seasonal membership gives them 6 months of perks.

Swing for Golf Christmas Gifts This Year

You cannot go wrong with buying golf Christmas gifts for somebody passionate about the sport. Your attention to what they love will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Our golf club offers an exceptional experience on a well-manicured course. Look into our membership today!