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Putting Together a Planning Committee for Your Event

Golf tournament planning isn't easy.

It takes focus, organization skills, and a team made up of the right people. Fortunately, the right planning committee can help make planning an event at a golf course an experience everyone will remember.

This article takes a look at some key tips for creating the ultimate planning committee for your event.

Here we discuss the essential steps for keeping everything on track, on budget, and as stress-free as possible. Keep reading to discover valuable insight into putting together a committee that will make your upcoming golf tournament event a smashing success.

Keys to Building Your Team

Let's start by addressing the basic fact that the right people will make all the difference. But what qualities should you look for in potential committee members?

Each person should be as passionate about pulling off a great event as you are. That's because there's simply no substitute for passion.

They also need to be hard workers. After all, planning a successful event will take a lot of work and require long hours.

They should also possess specific skills that will help make the committee as efficient and productive as possible. 

Your Team Needs Event Planning Experience

You need to choose people with a range of experience. This will allow you to assign each team member specific tasks. 

Keep in mind that organizing a golf event requires strong networking skills and good relationships within a lot of different industries, from catering to fundraising. Thus you should choose your team members accordingly.

Selecting the Optimum Number of Team Members

How big should your committee be? The optimum number is between 6 to 9 people. 

After all, you need enough people on your planning committee to get everything done as efficiently as possible without having too many cooks in the kitchen.

The key is to choose the right people for each job and lean on them to contribute expertise and positive energy so that the process will flow efficiently while minimizing personality clashes.

Getting Organized

It's important to assign each member of the team a specific title so that they will understand their responsibilities. These titles should include:

A tournament chairperson, a PR/marketing chairperson, an honorary chairperson, a sponsorship chairperson, and an operations chairperson. 

Once you have an individual chosen for each of these rolls, you should be ready for action.

Tips for Being an Effective Committee Leader

Make no mistake, leading an event planning committee can be incredibly stressful. Being an effective leader means keeping everyone motivated and excited about the event, and you must lead by example, demonstrating your passion every step along the way.

How to Assemble a Great Golf Tournament Planning Committee

It's no secret that planning a successful golf tournament or event is an exciting yet challenging process. The key is having the right resources, including the right team for planning an event. Fortunately, this guide to putting together a golf tournament planning committee will help get you started.

Please contact us to learn how we can help make your golf tournament a success.