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How to Clean Golf Clubs

Did you know that keeping your golf clubs clean is vital to ensure that you always maximize spin control? Knowing how to clean golf clubs is essential because you need to keep away dirt and debris that can clog your vital grooves.

It is also necessary to consider the condition of your golf clubs if you play in wetter and muddier conditions, especially during winter. If you want the best performance on the course, here are some tips on how to clean golf clubs at home with the best golf club cleaning routine.

How to Clean Golf Clubs?

Having a set of clean golf bags, irons, and wedges says a lot about you. This shows that you have regularly invested money and time in your equipment because you have a lot of love for the game.

If your caddies see an assortment of bags stuffed with rust-caked irons or dirt-covered golf balls, they will know that it will be a difficult day.

Understandably, few can afford a small fortune to buy a new set of shiny golf clubs. However, every golfer should at least make an effort to know how to clean golf clubs at home to maintain sophistication.

You only need a few minutes and some excellent golf club cleaning supplies. This way, your golf clubs will stay clean and well-maintained for much longer.

They are costly, so you should always strive to keep them in the best condition. Otherwise, you may need to buy new ones to replace those covered in dirt and rust.

Golf Club Cleaning Supplies

The main supplies you need for golf club cleaning preparation are a bucket to hold a few liters of water, some warm water, and a clean towel.

It also helps to carry some dishwashing liquid with some chrome polish. Then it would help if you kept some soft cloths nearby for a final wipe down.

Golf Club Cleaning Methods

The first step is to fill your bucket with warm water. Remember that you only need to use enough water to cover your golf club’s heads. Ensure that these are submerged and covered in the water.

You must also check that the water is not too hot. Otherwise, this can dislodge your shaft from your club. The next step is to add a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid to your water.

It would be best to place the dirty golf club heads in the bucket when the water is nice and soapy. Leave the clubs in there for up to ten minutes. This way, the dirt on your golf clubs will break down and loosen.

If you pull out the heads and there is still dirt on them, you should put them back in the warm water to soak for a bit longer. The best thing to do is to remove the clubs from the bucket one by one.

Then it would help if you used an old toothbrush or anything with a soft bristle to scrub the dirt off your clubheads. Try your best not to miss certain areas of your club heads.

Focus on the front, back, and bottom regions the most. This way, you can successfully clean every groove. Otherwise, if you do not correctly clean the grooves, you will see that your next game will be negatively affected.

After all the dirt has been brushed off, you must ensure that the clubhead and shaft are completely dry. Otherwise, they may start to rust. To make your club heads look brand new, apply some steel polish or chrome.

Then rub this in without using too much pressure. It is best to use circular motions before leaving your clubs to dry for a few minutes.

Cleaning Metal Clubs

The cleaning process for metal woods and drivers can be slightly different. This is because submerging metal or wood clubs in water is not the best idea.

To avoid damaging your clubs, add a couple of teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or soap to a bucket. The bucket should then be filled with warm water. Then you must dip a brush with soft bristles or an old brush in this soapy mixture.

Instead of dropping your clubs in the water, you must use a wet brush to clean them. Carefully scrub the clubhead without getting it too wet. When your clubhead is clean, dry it with a soft and clean towel. Remember to do this gently to avoid damaging your golf clubs.

Cleaning Wooden Clubs

Wooden clubs can be older, meaning they are more fragile than metal clubs. The number one tip is to avoid dipping wooden clubs in water. You should also not scrub them with a wet brush.

The correct method is to fill a bucket with warm water and dip a cloth into it until it is thoroughly wet.

Then you need to slowly wipe down your wooden clubhead till all the dirt is gone. When you cannot see any more dirt on the club, you need to dry it gently with a soft towel.

How to Clean Golf Club Grips?

Golf club grips are more critical than most people realize. This is because your grips can become dirty and worn from sweat. Then you will see that they no longer provide the best grip for you to nail your shot.

All you must do is take a damp cloth. Use it to wipe across the entire grip’s surface. Then you need to rinse your grips with water. Remember not to use hot water because it can damage your golf club grips.

Dry the grip’s surface with a soft and clean towel and ensure that there is no water in the shaft.

Golf Club Cleaning Preparation

Now that you know how to clean golf clubs, it is time to start scrubbing. Remember not to use hot water to avoid damaging your clubs. The water must always be warm, and you should avoid submerging metal or wood golf club heads directly in the bucket.

It always helps to have a soft brush on the side to scrape off any remaining dirt and rust. Contact us today, and we can help improve your swing in no time.