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Best Budget Golf Products

7 Best Budget Golf Products of 2023

Golf has never been known as a cheap sport. That said, it doesn't have to be an expensive sport either. You can get your hands on good golf equipment without spending a fortune.

We're going to prove that to you below, showing you the 8 best budget golf products on the market in 2023. Not only will we cover the best budget golf balls but the best budget golf clubs and more. Let's go!

1. Founders Club Golf Club Set

If you're hunting for cheap golf sets, you should consider this one from Founders Club. It's available for well under $400 and has everything you need to get started.

Included in this set are a driver, a 3 wood, a 4 hybrid, 6 to 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. These all come in a high-quality golf bag, one that possesses tons of storage space and which can stand up on its own.

The clubs are made with great strength and durability. They strike the ball well and are easy to handle, regardless of your experience level. While they're not the absolute best clubs on the market, they will more than get the job done.

When comparing golf set costs, these should be put toward the top of your list. They offer tremendous value for their price and are as good as any other intermediate set you're going to find.

2. Srixon Marathon Golf Balls

Up next are Srixon Marathon Golf Balls. These are available for just over $20 a pack and come in packs of 15. Therefore, every ball is less than $2 apiece.

This ball is designed for distance. It jumps off the club and carries well once in the air. While it doesn't offer as much spin as, say, a Pro V1, it's still fairly easy to control around the greens. For beginner and intermediate players, it's more than sufficient.

Unless you're at an advanced level, there's really no reason to spend more than this on a golf ball. It gives you everything you need at this point in your golfing journey and will help you get better and better over time.

3. FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes

If it's budget golf shoes you seek, you need not look any further than the FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes. These are available for around $50 and offer both support and traction in spades.

But that's not all. They're also highly comfortable. Lightweight and breathable, they'll have you feeling relaxed throughout your entire round.

Highly flexible, they allow your feet to move with relative freedom. This not only allows for general comfort but for a natural feel in the midst of each shot that's taken. For their price range, these are some of the best shoes you can wear on a golf course.

4. Callaway Spann Golf Glove

Your grip is integral to the quality of your golf swing. If you can't keep your hands on the club, you're not going to make solid contact on a consistent basis. As such, a good golf glove is needed.

There are many solid budget options out there. However, we're going to recommend the Callaway Spann golf glove.

Not only does it provide tremendous grip and feel but great durability as well. It will allow you to feel each shot you take, all the while protecting you from blisters and other skin friction problems.

The price of this glove? Around $11.

5. Frogger Golf Towel Bag

At some point in time, you're going to need a towel while you're out on the course. You might have to wipe some mud off of your ball; you might have to wipe some water off your hands. Regardless, a towel will be needed.

But you can't use just any towel. You need a specialized golf towel. Golf towels are designed to wipe away moisture while only absorbing small amounts of it; this makes them usable over long periods without washing.

There are many budget golf towels around. However, this golf towel bag from Frogger reigns supreme. It's small, compact, and doesn't get in the way. Nonetheless, it does its job well, keeping both itself and golf balls dry.

6. Nautica Golf Umbrella

Up next is this golf umbrella from Nautica. This umbrella measures an impressive 68 inches in diameter. As such, it has no trouble keeping its users dry.

Easy to fold and sports an auto-open handle, it can be made big and then compact again in a matter of seconds. When folded up, it's narrow enough to place alongside your clubs in your golf bag.

It costs just under $50. There are cheaper golf umbrellas out there. However, none are at the quality level of this one from Nautica.

7. Yoport Golf Brush

Through the course of a round, your clubs are bound to take on dirt and grass. This can negatively affect their ability to strike the ball. As such, you need to keep them clean.

You need a golf brush.

There are many low-cost golf brushes out there. One option to consider is the Yoport Golf Brush.

This brush comes with both a hard-thistle side and a soft-thistle side, allowing for intricate cleaning as needed. It clips to the side of a golf bag with ease and can be removed with ease as well. It's available for just over $5.

Put the Best Budget Golf Balls to Good Use at The Links Club

As you can see, there are all sorts of budget golf equipment on the market in 2023. Whether you're buying golf shoes, perusing options for golf clubs, or otherwise, you can get a good deal somewhere.

Looking to put the best budget golf balls to good use? If so, and if you're in the Summerfield, Florida area, look no further than the Links Club at Spruce Creek South.

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