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Golf Exercises

8 Golf Exercises to Help Improve Your Game

Golf may seem like a simple game but don't be fooled. Golf requires a wide range of movement and core strength. If you're fond of golfing, don't head out without doing some stretches first.

15.8% to 40.9% of amateur golfers suffer from an injury every year. Certain exercise can help you warm up properly for a day on the field. It also ensures you can swing your club to the best of your ability.

Not sure where to start? Here are some golf exercises for you to try out.

1. Neck Tilt Exercise

Exercising your neck and shoulders can improve your swing when hitting the golf ball. Your shots will become more accurate and powerful.

Stand straight and place your hands on either side. Next, place the right hand over your head, ensuring the palm touches the hair. Gently tilt your head toward the right.

After tilting your head, hold for at least 5 seconds and return to the neutral position. Repeat on the other side. Doing this exercise stretches your neck muscles and reduces tension and stiffness.

As a result, it enhances your flexibility and mobility.

2. Standing Arm Circles

Standing arm circles do not only open up your shoulders. It can also warm up your back and increase flexibility.

Start by standing straight and tightening your core. Next, raise both your arms to the sides. As you focus on your shoulders, rotate your arms in a circular. Circle your arms forward for ten seconds, then back for another then.

3. Glute Bridge

If you want to improve your golf game, invest time and effort in what you need most. For every golf player, this is keeping a stable core.

With a stable core, you can create a fluid and consistent swing. If you want to increase your core stability, glute bridges can help. Lie on a bed or yoga mat and face up with your arms on your sides.

Next, bend your knees and keep your feet flat. Place a rolled towel between your knees and push your hips upward. Ensure your shoulders and heels stay on the ground.

Then, lower your hips to the ground and do the same process. In total, you must perform 10 reps of glute bridge.

4. Lateral Squats

What comes next after core stability? In golf, leg power is vital because it provides power for the swing. Strengthen the muscles in your legs by doing lateral squats.

To do this, stand with a width wider than your hips. Your knees and toes must face forward. Second, shift your weight to your right heel, push the hips back, and bend your right knee.

Then, push your right foot to get back to the starting stance. Pause and squeeze your glutes. To complete one rep, stretch your hips forward.

5. Knee Hug

Another set of golf exercises you must try is the knee hug. This exercise stretches your hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes.

When doing knee hugs, you must first stand upright with both hands on the sides. Next, lift your right foot and squat down on the left leg. Grab below the right knee and pull as close to your chest.

Then, hold the position for at least 2 seconds. Return to the original position and interchange the legs. Ensure to do 6 reps per knee to complete 1 set.

6. Medicine Ball Parallel Throw

Medicine ball parallel throws are a dynamic exercise targeting your upper body and lower body muscles. To do this exercise, you will need medicine ball.

Face the wall in your golf posture. Next, twist your upper body to the right placing the ball behind your hip.

Then, push your legs up as you throw the medical ball to the wall. Catch it with bent arms and return to your initial position. Do the same procedures on your other side.

Do this ten times on each side.

If done right, this exercise can strengthen your triceps, upper back, core, and other body parts. Moreover, the med-ball parallel throw improves one’s recoil action through impact. By swinging against the firm side, you can compress the ball.

7. Medicine Ball Perpendicular Throw

Unlike the parallel throw, the medicine ball perpendicular throw focuses on strengthening your core muscles. It can enhance your glutes, hips, and abs. To do this, you mimic the swing action.

For this exercise, you need a medicine ball and a wall.

Start by standing perpendicular to the wall. Second, squat a little and rotate your upper body away from the wall. At this point, the ball is behind your hip.

Third, twist your body towards the wall and release the ball. When catching it, keep your arms straight. Fourth, return to the starting stance to do on the other side.

Do this on your right side 10 times and 10 times on your left side to complete a set. Apart from core strengthening, this exercise allows you to swing harder and better.

8. Inverted Hamstring Stretch

Last on the list of golf exercises is the inverted hamstring stretch. Although not part of the core, this can rouse the core muscles during a swing if flexible enough. Moreover, it improves your posture and balance.

If you do this, start by standing on your left leg. Ensure to outstretch and extend your arms to the side.

Next, bend over and lift your right leg, which parallels the ground behind you. After you feel the hamstring stretch, return to your initial position. Then, switch to your right leg for standing and lift your left leg.

Helpful Golf Exercises

In every sport, warm-up, workout, and training are crucial. Doing so allows you to perform better and prevent injuries. A right golf exercises will prepare you for a game and even improve your performance.

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